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See our feature article "Recycling: I've Got Worms" in The Cary Citizen

The NC Worm Farm is owned & operated by me, Steve Stanek. We are located in Cary, NC. And we serve the surrounding areas: Raleigh, Garner, Apex, etc. We also ship worms anywhere within the continental United States. We are a small operation which aims at educating the public about vermicomposting and vermiculture. We supply 3 different varieties of compost worms along with an assortment of bins and other materials you may need. Our goal is to provide great worms and supplies and leave every customer happy.

I originally got started in vermiculture to grow my own fishing worms. But shortly after I began researching earthworms, I discovered the amazing compost worm! From then on I became obsessed (so says my wife). My hobby eventually expanded into a small business that I thoroughly enjoy. So take a look around the site and please feel free to ask any questions!
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Review: Worm Factory 360 Compost Bin

Many people have asked my opinion of various worm bins. So I thought it would be a good idea to get it down in writing. Over the next few months I am going to write reviews based on my experiences with various manufactured worm bins. To start off the series, I will begin with the Worm Factory vermicomposting bins.

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Community Service Projects: Adopt a Highway

Community Support: NC Worm Farm Completes 1st Year of Adopt-A-Highway Program

We at the NC Worm Farm believe in giving back to the community as much as we can. When trying to come up with ideas of how to accomplish this goal, we thought of with a real winner. What better way to go green and give back then to join the adopt a highway program?!?! Continue reading

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Welcome the honeybees..

What is this about honeybees? I have always been interested in attempting to raising honeybees. The honey is great, but I also wanted to reap their benefits in my little garden.  Now that we have the worms to provide all natural fertilizer, I thought why not add a hive to help increase the pollination! Continue reading

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Soil Analysis and Balancing Nutrient Levels

Chemical Analysis and more…

Recently customers have been asking about nutrient concentrations of our finished product. So we decided to post the results online! Click below to view the chemical analysis of one of our recent vermicompost samples*. Further down the page I address the importance of balancing nutrient levels in the soil. Continue reading

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Farm is going to the birds…

At the end of April, the Easter bunny brought 5 little chicks to our home. The little birds were about 1 week old. The kids were thrilled. They enjoyed cuddling with them, watching them chase insects, and scratching in the dirt. They named chicks Sir Pu Plot, Mrs Pu Plot, Patrick, P, and Noname (that is actually her name). Continue reading

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Worm Farm Expansion Deal Complete!

We have just completed the purchase of over 7 acres of land. We are very excited to say the least! This will allow us to expand of our current worm farm operations! Don’t worry we are not moving…and we will still have the same great products. We will just be able to maintain more bins to grow more worms and produce more castings!  Continue reading

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Vermicompost vs potting soil: experiment #1

Okay, so you always hear of the studies about the different soil types with fertilizer X or compost Y.  But what does it really mean??? I set up a small “scientific” experiment to get a concrete results of a comparison of my vermicompost to normal potting soil.  The results are shown in photos below. Continue reading

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NC Worm Farm Competes in Krispy Kreme Challenge

On February 5th, 2011 The NC Worm Farm Running Team took to the streets in one of the most inspiring testaments to digestive strength and glucose tolerance… oh yeah and they ran 4 miles too.

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Building an Affortable Worm Bin

Building your own vermicompost bin (AKA worm bin) is pretty simple. A lot of beginners mistakenly believe you have to spend a lot of money to get a decent worm bin. The honest truth is that for less than $20 you can come up with a nifty little bin that can hold 1-2lbs of composting worms! Continue reading

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The Benefits of Vermicompost

Learn why more gardeners are turning toward this natural fertilizer. This alternative restores naturally occurring microbes in the soil, increases plants disease resistance, and promotes growth. Continue reading

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