Worm Farm Expansion Deal Complete!

We have just completed the purchase of over 7 acres of land. We are very excited to say the least! This will allow us to expand of our current worm farm operations! Don’t worry we are not moving…and we will still have the same great products. We will just be able to maintain more bins to grow more worms and produce more castings! 

It is going to take some time and effort to build the new bins and expand our “worm herd”. But hopefully by next spring we will have a huge inventory of worms and vermicompost for you guys!

Below are a few photos of the property. It has a small cabin on the land…

388 sq ft Cabin on property

388 sq ft cabin on property

At back of property there is a beautiful stream where I am going to hang my hammock. Take a rest with the sound of a gurgling stream….

Worm Farm Stream

Worm Farm Stream

It also has a nice little pond which is very low due to drought.  But we will have a clean source of water and good fishing too!

Another view of the pond

Another view of the pond (need some rain)

And there are plenty of trees to provide the needed cover and leaves for our little guys…

Nice Wooded Lot For the Worms

Nice Wooded Lot For the Worms

More to come as we build the bins and reactors….

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2 Responses to Worm Farm Expansion Deal Complete!

  1. katherine farris says:

    Beginning this spring, my plan is to start my own compost bin and my own worm casting bin. I have read that the worm castings mixed with compost helps boost the soil for maximum nutrition. I also live on the outskirts of Cary, at Yates Mill Pond Road. Do you offer classes or times for the public to come out? Thanks for posting on the internet. I have found your site very helpful.

    Kathie Farris

    • Steve says:

      Generally we do not offer classes or tours. I just do not have time, Sorry. If you want some free info, check out our resource page. It has a free document/book put out by Canadian government. It is called the manual to on farm vermicomposting & vermiculture. It has a huge amount of info in it. And best of all, it is FREE!!!