Community Service Projects: Adopt a Highway

Community Support: NC Worm Farm Completes 1st Year of Adopt-A-Highway Program

We at the NC Worm Farm believe in giving back to the community as much as we can. When trying to come up with ideas of how to accomplish this goal, we thought of with a real winner. What better way to go green and give back then to join the adopt a highway program?!?!

Our section of road includes a 2-mile span of Maynard Rd in Cary. If you are in that neck of the woods, look for our signs near Cary Towne Center. It starts from Cary Towne Blvd and continues on to Reedy Creek Rd. Above you can see our sign….

We were excited to get out an clean-up. So we donned our orange vests, grabbed garbage bags, and hit the road to battle litter. And my has the time really flown by, February marked the end of our first year of the Adopt-a-highway program. We are proud of our stretch of road. Initially it was polluted with everything from McDonald’s bags, cups, and hubcaps to partially shredded credit cards.  But after the first two cleanups, the road looked noticeably cleaner.

Over the course of the year, we had four clean-up days. We were lucky enough to enjoy 2 beautiful days of about 65-75 degrees. Walking the roadside removing litter in the warm sun…it sure beat sitting at computer or being indoors! And then there were the other two days…they not-so nice. The first was during our summer event, the temperatures reached 94F. Needless to say we went through a lot of water and sunscreen….but we got the road cleaned-up and hit the showers.

The second not-so-pleasant day was in January. It snowed that morning. Most of the snow had cleared off the roadside, but it was a little chilly with the wind. Below is a photo of Steve (looking a little scary) braving the elements to keep the road clean… notice snow in background.

Steve during snow pickup

But overall, it is a good cause and helps to keep our town clean! We will have this section of road for another three years. So if anyone ever wants to help join us for a cleanup day, let us know…. the more the merrier!


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