NC Worm Farm Competes in Krispy Kreme Challenge

On February 5th, 2011 The NC Worm Farm Running Team took to the streets in one of the most inspiring testaments to digestive strength and glucose tolerance… oh yeah and they ran 4 miles too.

Braving the rain and sub-arctic temperatures, these 4 brave souls participated to the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Pictured above from left to right are: Mike James, Mike Ivy, Scott Grant, and Coleman Tew. We had three runners and 1 support personnel (Mike James)

For those not familiar with the event; it is a charity run which benefits the Children’s Hospital of North Carolina (in Chapel Hill). This year’s event raised more than $100,000 and had an estimated 7500 participants. But the Challenge is not your traditional road race. First, participants must run 2 miles and stop at Krispy Kreme store in downtown Raleigh. Then they must woof-down 1 dozen tasty glazed donuts as fast as they can. And finally, they must run 2 miles to the finish. All this must be accomplished within 1 hour.

Good Mike, Coleman, & Scottling after completing the run

A task such as this takes extreme levels of fortitude and training. And did they represent? YES! All three runners completed the event in under 1 hour and none of them lost their stomach contents (which could not be said for many others… including the winners). Times for them were:

  1. Scott Grant        44:49    (274 of 3394)
  2. Mike Ivy               53:38    (1062 of 3394)
  3. Coleman Tew     59:57    (1914 of 3394)

Fortunately for our 3 brave runners, no one expelled their donuts during the race.

Scott Grant, Good Mike, and Mike sporting their NC Worm Farm racing gear.

Coleman finishing just in time!

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One Response to NC Worm Farm Competes in Krispy Kreme Challenge

  1. Mike Ivy says:

    Thanks for the support! It was fun!!!