Red Wiggler Compost Worms

Red wiggler (Eisenia fetida) are also known as brandling worms, tiger worms, manure worms, & trout worms. They are very popular live bait for fish that prefer small bait. While these worms are smaller than the European & African Night Crawlers, many fish such as trout, bluegill, perch and crappie lover them.
These worms are the most temperature-hardy composting worms. They can handle both the low and high temperatures. So they can be used for both indoor and outdoor composting bins. 


Maximum reproduction under ideal conditions:

3.8 cocoons per adult per week
83.2% hatching success rate
3.3 hatchlings per cocoon

Maximum growth rate under ideal conditions:
32-73 days to cocoon hatch
53-76 days to sexual maturity
85-149 days from egg to maturity

Temperature requirements (F):
Min/Max: 38-95F
Ideal range 70-80F

Red worms love (and can tolerate) very high levels of moisture content (80-90%).