Manual of On-Farm Vermicomposting & Vermiculture

Great learning reference for care of worms. Written by Glen Munroe of Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. 

Vermicomposting Overview

Indiana's Dept of Environmental Managements worm composting guide.

Other Resources 

Listed below are some excellent resources for learning more about vermicomposting and vermiculture:

Mike's Honeybees->Interested in beekeeping? Or just need pesticide-free honey? Please Contact Mike Childers! He is a local beekeeper that is showing me the ropes... Mike's background:

Mike is a local beekeeper in the Raleigh, NC. He provides quality products and services.  Mike and his wife have been enjoying honeybees since 2005.  Their bees are pesticide-free and come from farms that use naturally grown methods.  Mike is a member of both the Wake and NC State Beekeepers Assoc, along with being a Journeyman Beekeeper in the NC Master Beekeepers Program.