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Worm Factory 360 w/Free shipping & Free 1lb of worms (local pickup only)!!!
Only $120 + tax

Description (more photos below):
• Free: 1 lb of red wigglers
• Free shipping
• Includes a 16-pg instructional booklet w/photos
• Comes with “Quick-Tips” lid for easy reference
• Bundled with accessory kit including hand rake, scraper and thermometer
• Also includes instructional DVD!
• Houses eight to twelve thousand worms that consume 5-8lbs of food per week
• Year-round, odor-free production
• Available in 3 Colors: black, green, and terracotta
• Expandable up to 8 trays (comes with 4 trays)
• 10 year warranty on parts and workmanship (30 yr expected  lifetime)
• Made with post consumer recycled materials
This is a limited time offer!!!


To order just email us and we will send Paypal request to you!  We need to know the color and address you want the worm factory to be shipped to. Once it arrives and you are able to get it setup, just stop on by and pickup your worms and ask any questions you have!!




Worm Wigwam w/Free shipping  for only $595 (plus tax)

 This unit is for small companies or avid gardeners who have higher demands of vermicompost or waste processing. It is an advanced manufactured flow-thru composting solution! The unit is insulated and heated to maintain the optimum

temperature. And there is no easier way to harvest castings. With the
turn of the hand-crank, the castings will drop into the collection area. Meanwhile, worms stay in the top of the bin close to the food!
Description :
• Free shipping
• Includes easy to assemble instructions and user guide 
• Heater included for cold winter environments
• Produces 45-60 lbs of compost/wk (if you need this much)
• Processes 10-15 lbs of food waste/bedding per day
• Weight: 90lb
• Dimensions: 3ft tall x 3ft wide



Red wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) Perfect composting worms. They go by several different names red worms, manure worms, trout worms, etc...There are 800-1000 worms/lb... read more 



Quantity (lbs) Total Price
1 $24
2 $48
3 $69


 Worm Fattener Powder

 Worm Fattener Powder (AKA VermiRoids): Enjoy fishing? Then fatten up your worms so they are bigger and juicier on the hook. The fish won't be able to resist this temptation! Feed your worms this quality blend of grains and minerals to provide them with all the essential nutrients they require. Also, it leads to higher reproduction and composting rates. Not only does it fatten them up, but it works well as a supplement when food wastes are running low. Contents are all chemicals added.  1.5lb bag for $5    OR    5lb bag for $12.50 + tax  


 I Got Worms! Bumper Sticker  

  I Dig Worms! Bumper Sticker  

 "I Got Worms" and "I Dig Worms" Bumper Stickers: Show your support for vermiculture and the worms!!!! Buy bumper stickers for your car, fridge, or bins.  $1 includes *order more than 10 stickers & price drops to $.50 each

worm castings

Worm castings: All natural fertilizer!!!
$8 + tax for 10 lb bag



Other Suppliers
In times of high demand or a season has been particularly harsh on our worm beds (God-forbid), we may use our partners to ship worms.